Lithium Batteries – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Why Lithium Batteries

Why Should You Switch To Lithium?

Improve your tournament results: Have confidence in your bass boat batteries.

Bad batteries can ruin the best anglers. Bass fisherman thrive on confidence. They must have confidence in their fishing tackle, baits, casting ability and their boats. Yet, many anglers neglect the biggest investment in fishing, their boat, especially their power system(s). Tournament anglers don’t have a problem dropping $2,500 on a trolling motor, electronics, or anchoring system. All of these new tools require the boat’s battery system to keep them operating at optimal condition however most anglers immediately discover a problem, their boat can’t handle all their new toys. Introducing lithium batteries.

Have you began to experience that your boat will need a jump during the dog days of summer? Many of us are constantly running our electronics, anchoring system, and livewells (full of fish) during the summer and began to have trouble starting the boat especially when fishing multiple days. First, it starts with your electronics clicking off when trying to start your outboard. Next, it takes several cranks before the boat fires up. Then, you run to your last spot to catch that kicker and now you need to jump your boat to get back to weigh in.

Things can get worse on the next day, when you decide to manage your batteries by limiting the use of your livewells and electronics. As you get by the day you may not have to jump your batteries but find out at weigh in that you have a couple of dead fish. As we all know this can cost you a tournament or it places you out of the money. It’s happened to me and that is why I have looked for ways to stay confident with my boat, specifically my batteries. Ultimately, bass fisherman succeed through confidence in their fishing equipment and their boat performance. And once you confidence is shot your fishing success usually follows.

So, if you’re beginning to notice your boat’s power system failing there are three things you should consider to boost your confidence and eliminate a tournament disaster from occurring by: adding more batteries, charge on the run, or upgrading your batteries. At Elite Power Systems, we’ve put together systems that are not only affordable, but to improve your boat performance and electrical power systems so that you will have complete confidence with your boat at every tournament.

Add More batteries – Not with Lithium

A simple fix would be to add another cranking battery and run it parallel to gain more amp hours to run all of your electronics, livewells, and anchoring system, etc. This may sound like a simple fix but there are many issues to consider. First, does your boat have room for another group 29 or 31 battery? Some individuals have added this battery in one of their storage compartments and lose storage space.

But, those who added this additional battery also realize pretty quickly a second major problem, they lose a lot of boat performance. The additional battery weighs between 60 – 80 lbs. to the backend of the boat and will immediately lose hole shot and up to 5 miles per hour in speed. Ultimately, there is definitely some give and take with this option.

Charge on the run

It’s true that your outboard motor has an alternator and will charge your starting battery, but it may not be adequate to maintain the dog days of summer. This is why a lot of you have resorted to adding that additional battery. There is a solution to this by investing in a charge on the run system that monitors your entire battery system. This system will improve the management of your starting battery but will also charge your trolling motor batteries throughout the day. It can even get better if you add a tow harness to your tow vehicle and you will have fully charged batteries to and from the lake if your average travel time to the lake is 30 minutes. Stealth 1 charging systems are one of the best ones out there. They’ve shown proven performance over the past decade from some of the legends in bass fishing like Kevin Vandam who endorses this system.

Upgrading your batteries

As you can attest, technology has changed fishing from electronics, sound devices, trolling motors, and anchoring systems. Your electronics are almost HD picture perfect. With side-imaging, 360 imaging, and now live scope that people have called video game fishing. You have sound devices to attract or excite fish of different species to gain an edge. Spot lock trolling motors and anchoring systems have completely changed the way you fish and ultimately help improve your ability to fish. Yet, with all these new battery powered toys you want to use old technology to manage your system and have come to realize that you don’t have enough power to run them at full capacity with confidence.

The simple fix is to all of your boats electrical problems is to update your batteries to new technology; and lithium is the answer. Lithium batteries are maintenance free and are designed for today’s fishing boats. First, depending on your fishing habits you can get batteries with differing amp hour (AH) ratings to keep you powered throughout the day. Second, lithium batteries have much higher cold cranking amps (CCA) to start your outboard motor. These batteries usually have 1500 CCA compared to the 800 – 1000 CCA range for lead-acid or absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries. Having a battery with at least 1000 CCA is a must for those of you who own a Mercury Pro XS motor. The final advantage is that you won’t have to constantly replace these batteries every two to three years as lithium batteries have a lifespan of 8 – 10 years (many with warranties). The list even goes further with the advantages of going lithium, but these are the three main things to consider.

Elite Power Systems

Sooner than later you won’t have a choice to go lithium. Just look at all of the pocket batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, & 12V) most of them are now lithium. It’s just a matter of time that you will have to eventually switch over to lithium and are you going to be prepared both financially and/or educationally to make the switch? You don’t have to fret because this is why Elite Power Systems (EPS) have gone into business to help you in both of those categories.  EPS can help design you affordable lithium systems at a fraction of what you might think and help educate you on fully converting to a lithium system. EPS believes that if we start small and show you the immediate benefits you will gain from making the switch, it becomes a no-brainer for you and a way to give you 100% confidence on the water. Check out the EPS shop page or our Facebook page or for more information to help you make the right electrical system decisions for your boat.