About Us

Your Lithium Pros, Elite Power Systems, Battle Born and Stealth 1 Dealer.

Our Mission

Lithium Rage is committed to educating and providing the best upgrade to your boat’s performance.  Our customized packages are built on fishing styles, boat requirements, and weekend angler budgets.  Overall, we will improve your confidence in all facets of your fishing by helping you keep your fish alive all day long, improve your boat’s speed by 5 miles per hour, improve holeshot, and fish in shallower water.  What does this mean to you?  We are helping your odds of winning more money at tournaments and put more money back into your pocket with improved fuel economy and 8 – 10 years of maintenance-free boat power.

Why Lithium Rage?

We offer a variety of lithium batteries for you to choose from.  You choose the battery brand you want based on your need and budget.  All of our batteries are proven in the industry and have life expectancies of 10 years with warranties.  Moreover, we have provided custom packages to help you decide what is best for your fishing application.

Shipping & Handling

EPS and Battle Born batteries ship immediately and customers can expect them in 3-5 days from the day ordered.

Lithium Pros and Stealth One batteries are built to order and usually take 14–21 days from the day ordered.

Elite Power Systems (EPS) batteries are made in the USA!